This book ‘DO I HAVE CANCER’ has recently been published by the Balboa Press (a Division of Hay House) and is on sale at the moment. The book has been rated very highly by the readers. They have found it to be extremely user-friendly, relevant, easy to understand and a ‘one stop shop’ for all cancer information.

This is what some readers have  said:
“I found the content extremely user-friendly! I was able to pick the book up and look for the section I needed very easily! My medical language/knowledge is not great but I found that the way you described the medical terms was easy to understand and broke things down into manageable chunks that I could absorb and re-read if required, for further understanding! I can actually see it being used by a family or group who need to discover answers about a particular cancer in a way that they can easily understand and have further discussion about!

I don’t think the book is too big – I actually think that the way the book is structured, it offers a way to find the information needed without having to read the whole book from cover to cover! I think this is a big strength of the book and could be highlighted!

So, the only critique I can actually offer is that you could highlight the fact that this does not have to be a cover to cover read!”

Dee brookes
Dee Brooks
Director, Jeder Institute
ACT, Australia



“There is no doubt that there is abundance of information on cancer everywhere. But it is in this book where you find all information in one place. It is very easy to understand. From my view point as a cancer patient myself, I have read the book “Do I Have Cancer” by Dr. Parajuli with great interest. I felt that if I had read the book at the time of diagnosis or even prior to diagnosis, I would have better understood what each word meant and what doctors and nurses are talking about now. The book is written in most simple English that a person with basic understanding of the language can understand.
Normally, the amount of information given to a patient at the time of diagnosis is quite overwhelming and considering the state of mind at that point in time very little is absorbed. Therefore, this book contains the most important information that is required to be understood about cancer and I consider this book as a “one stop shop” that I now on constantly refer to.
The book “Do I Have Cancer” focuses on most common cancers. It is logically sequenced starting off with terminologies that are frequently used, the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and staging, the treatment as well as management of cancer. A person on a cancer journey constantly hears of CA-125, BRCA1 and BRCA2 but not many of us might remember what it actually is. It also answers many of the questions that one asks oneself such as how does one contract the disease, lifestyle changes, the prognosis, as well as some do’s and don’ts for cancer.
Hence, having found the book worth reading I would recommend it highly to anybody who like to know about cancer”.

durga photo
Age 45
A Cancer Survivor

There are many such testimonials including many emails to the author personally describing the high quality content and relevance of the book. All these point out that the book is worth reading especially if somebody is seeking information on cancer.

I urge everybody to read this book and educate yourself on cancer. The book contains holistic information and is guaranteed to meet everybody’s expectations of the book. But you need to buy and read to convince yourself.  Please click the links below to purchase a copy of the book:

Balboa Press

Barnes and Noble


Have a great reading!



One Stop Shop for Cancer Information

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