Getting Diagnosed with Cancer

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Getting diagnosed with cancer is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic events in anybody’s life. Different people react differently to a diagnosis of cancer but the feelings of disbelief, shock, anger and frustrations are common in most cancer patients. These are normal reactions and will settle gradually over time. But while the patient is waiting or preparing for cancer treatment, it is very important for the patient to do a few things at home to relieve these emotional and psychological symptoms brought about by the diagnosis of cancer.

These simple measures include:
• Continue usual routine activities, get enough sleep, eat well, and do regular exercises
• Spend more time with people that he/she loves, such as, family, friends, colleagues, or any support network he/she has. The patient needs to talk about his/her feelings, fears and concerns. This will help the patient feel less lonely and more connected with others. This may also help to relieve fears and worries about cancer.
• Avoid drinking too much alcohol
• Stop smoking
• Always seek help. This may be from the patient’s friends, families, doctors, nurses, or counselors. They are always ready to offer whatever help they can provide to the patient.

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