balboa blurp - Copy (2)Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. According to estimates from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, 8.2 million people died of cancer in 2012. Out of all deaths worldwide, 1 in 8 is due to cancer, with cancer causing more deaths than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. It is expected that annual cancer cases will rise from 14 million in 2012 to 22 million within the next two decades.

With better improvement in health conditions, the life expectancy of people all over the world is also increasing. But with the increasing age, the risk of cancer also increases significantly. It is therefore very important that people understand some basic facts about cancer including risk of getting cancer, family cancers, how lifestyle is related to cancer, early signs and symptoms, treatment options, and early detection of cancer. ‘DO I HAVE CANCER? is a new book that is a ‘one stop shop’ for cancer information. Get your copy today and educate yourself on this nasty disease called ‘cancer’.

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