Do I Have Cancer-Book Launch

naresh clThis is with great pride and enthusiasm that I finally announce the official launch of my book ‘DO I HAVE CANCER?’ in Australia. For over 20 years, I have been working closely with cancer patients, their carers, relatives and friends. I have seen many of my ever-happy patients suddenly becoming sad, depressed and losing control of their life when they got diagnosed with cancer. This is a very nasty disease that does not know age, race, religion or any geographical boundary and kills millions of people globally. For over a decade I started getting more personal and passionate about this disease and how I could help people by spreading the word on cancer. There was no better way of doing it than writing a book and sharing my knowledge on cancer with people all over the world. 


I have tried my best to make this book as holistic as possible so that people can obtain very relevant and up-to-date information on signs, symptoms diagnosis and treatment of cancers. Besides this, the book also covers other cancer related areas like psychological issues, sex and sexuality, lifestyle and prevention strategies for cancers and cancers than run in families and children. I intend to make this book a ‘one stop shop’ for all cancer information.naresh cl2 - Copy

The book was launched on 5th June 2015 at Blacktown City Library in presence of senior local officials and community members.

At present, the book is available only in Australia and can be purchased on demand only. By the end of July 2015, the book will be available both is print and electronic form in most countries including the USA and UK. I have committed to donate some percentage of the sales to cancer organizations or other charities. I have no doubt that people all over the world would read this book and educate themselves more on this dreaded disease ‘Cancer’.

If you would like a copy of the book or any other information, please send your email to:



One Stop Shop for Cancer Information

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