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During the last 20 years of my medical practice, I have extensively researched the needs of cancer patients and their carers, including their worries and concerns, and which information and advice they  would like to receive about cancer.

As a medical practitioner and family doctor, I have a special interest in cancer. I am involved in all aspects of cancer management, including the diagnosis, treatment, follow up and counseling of cancer patients on a daily basis.

The information provided here is a combination of my knowledge of and experience with cancer, as well as patients’ and carers’ feedback about the type of information they wish to receive about cancer, and other information obtained from highly authoritative online and print resources. I seek here to provide the most current, relevant and unbiased information to readers.

In addition to the discussion on cancer, I will also provide information on other issues relevant to cancer patients, including sex and sexuality, psychological problems, cancer in children, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, family cancers, palliative care and euthanasia, lifestyle issues and the prevention of cancers.

I will be posting blogs and updating this site regularly.

I firmly believe you will find this website relevant, informative and a useful resource on cancer.

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Wish you a happy reading.


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