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balboa blurp - CopyMore people die of cancer than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined—and it’s expected that annual cancer cases will rise from fourteen million in 2012 to twenty-two million within the next two decades.

Dr. N. Parajuli, a medical doctor and family practitioner, shares the knowledge he’s gleaned over twenty years of researching cancer and the needs of cancer patients in this guide to recognizing symptoms, understanding the treatment process, and living as normal a life as possible.

Whether it’s cancer of the liver, kidney, neck, eye, brain, bladder, skin or some other area, you’ll get tips on detecting cancer early and clear explanations of what to expect once you’re diagnosed. The book includes sections on cancer during pregnancy, cancer and sexuality, psychological problems among cancer patients, pain management, and new developments in cancer treatments.

DO I HAVE CANCER?Hundreds of vocabulary words related to cancer and explanations of the roles that different types of medical and health professionals may play in diagnosis and treatment make this an important resource not just for patients but for anyone supporting a loved one with the disease.

Please buy the book now and educate yourself on cancer. It is a nasty disease and nobody knows who will be the next victim but knowing something about it makes a lot of difference.

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